HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Harry Potter Workout!


Its no secret that I love Harry Potter.

I have an entire cubby of our bookshelf devoted to my beloved Harry Potter books in addition to a lovely mug, which I of course, have NEVER and will never use. Don’t want those glasses to fall off. (books 1 and 8 are out on loan)

At first I was anti-Harry Potter. I thought it sounded childish and I couldn’t believe how commercialized it was. It was a book for God’s sake.

Well, one day, I had strep throat and was forced to stay home from school. (Yes forced, I actually really liked school...) I was bored and so I decided to give Harry Potter a try. I finished the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, in a couple of hours. I was hooked.  I dug the second book out of my sister’s closet and finished that one too.  

Speaking of school, Harry Potter is the reason for the only time I ever got in trouble in the history of my scholastic years. I skipped school to go see the first Harry Potter movie my junior year and I got detention. Oops. I think I turned out ok though.

When people say they haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, I genuinely feel bad for them! They haven’t experienced how wonderful the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is!! The creativity of those books, its just astounding.

I wish Hogwards was real. I wish I could participate in the Welcome feasts and the Christmas feasts!! (Do the feasts in the books make anyone else hungry???) I wish I could apparate and use portkeys!!

I’ve seen various Harry Potter workouts around Pinterest before, and always thought they looked interesting. My husband and I did one in May that was SO much fun, check it out here! To celebrate Halloween, I thought we could do another one! We wanted to watch one of the later movies, and I couldn’t find a workout for any of the movies past Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I decided to make my own to work in accordance with Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix!! 

Try it and let me know what you think!! Take a pic or a video and post it on Instagram with #itsallofit, be sure you're following me too! I can't wait to see!