Red White & Blue - #2: Watermelon WORKOUT

It can be hard to find time to be active during the holidays, no matter how great your intentions are. The trick is to plan ahead and to involve as many of your friends and family as possible. Here are some ideas on how to stay active during the Fourth of July! 

All of It - Rent bikes!!
  1. Sign up for a 4th of July race! Check out this map of 4th of July races in the United States (and that isn't even 1/4 of them) or this list from! We are signed up for Music City July 4th 5K/10K benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project which raises awareness and provides unique programs and services to injured service members. Perfect for the 4th of July! Bring the whole family out, encourage all family members to participate whether they are walking or running! 
  2. Join a parade!! If you aren't involved with a group who will be featured in the parade, just put on a clown costume/cheerleader outfit/ leotard/ funny hat and hop in! Make sure you wave and smile!
    • Bonus Points: Bring candy and throw it out while you're walking. Waving + throwing out candy + walking in a parade= full body workout 
    • Double Bonus Points: Bring a boom box and dance through the parade
  3. Go on a bike ride! Ride your bikes to the fireworks or parade! If you live in a bigger city, rent bikes and visit every popsicle store in your city! (That pic is from two years ago, biking EVERYWHERE in Chattanooga!)

4. Do the Watermelon WORKOUT! All you need is a watermelon!! EVERYONE EATS WATERMELON ON THE FOURTH OF JULY! So you probably already have one! You can use one medium sized watermelon or you can use two, one large and one small. I used one large and one small watermelon. I used the smaller watermelon for 'Around the World' and 'One Arm Presses' because my arms were fatigued towards the end. The goal is to complete this workout three times, but like I said, it is easy to modify! 

Watch the video below for a quick run-through of the workout, it will help you get an idea of each move! 

All of It - Watermelon Workout

Try this workout with your friends and family! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below OR take a pic or video, tag me on instagram and use #itsallofit AND #watermelonworkout!! I would LOVE to hear from you!