The holidays are HERE. I like to incorporate the holidays into every single part of my life, and so, of course, that includes my workouts! I've compiled a list of joyful Christmas songs to infuse your workouts and runs with hot beatz, cheer, and joy! From Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, to Diplo, to Justin Bieber, I've got you covered!! 

1. CHRISTMAS JOY - A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas

All of It - Holiday Workout Playlist - Christmas Joys

Ever wondered what the true spirit of Christmas sounded like? You will finally experience it when you listen to this song. If this song doesn't make you want to hop around town, running in and out of shops, singing to townspeople and animals alike, I'm not sure what to say to you. This song has been on my running playlist for about four years. When I make Half-Marathon and Marathon playlists, this song is on there several times. It will transcend you from regular life into the Christmas - stratosphere. 

This song is a delight and will tickle your fancy no matter what kind of Christmas music you're into. Like choir music? You're good to go. Enjoy a little gospo' singing? A great choice for you.

From Angels We Have Heard on High, Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, right into a stomping JESUS HAS COME, COME TO BETHLEHEM. Then God Rest Ye Gentlemen, Joy Joy Joy, I can't even stand it. IT MAKES MY STOMACH FLIP JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. 


All of It - Holiday Workout Mix - Drummer Boy

2. DRUMMER BOY - Justin Bieber

You guys. I have Bieber Fever. Real. Bad. The whole album is on repeat in my head. Anyways, Drummer Boy is probably the best Christmas workout song ever, and probably a good one for your regular workout list too. A great beat + Busta Rhymes. At first I would kind of poke fun at this song, but now I LOVE IT and I don't care who knows it!! 

An actual excerpt from the song:

Sippin' eggnog with a little sprinkle of vanilla,
Even though it's kinda cold, pullin' out a chinchilla,
Bieber hit me back and said, "Let's make it hot up in the winter."

P.S. Have you seen Bieber's Santa Clause is Comin' to Town video? If not, you should go watch it just to check out this lady doing the best ROBOT I've ever seen!!! Click here for the video!

All of It - Holiday Workout Playlist - A Very Very Decent Christmas


3. A Very, Very Decent Christmas - Mad Decent

An encore from 'A Very Decent Christmas', this is another gem to add to your list. 'Nutcracka', 'Twerkith on These Bells', 'Troll the Halls'. Do I even need to say anything else? 'Twerkith on these Bells' will probably make it on to my regular playlist shortly.  Troll the Halls has a good beat, be sure to put that one on when you're running up hills or doing some intervals. Totem Night, probably don't play this for Grammy, I actually think it might cause seizures. 

Also, #OMWTSYG or On My Way/Sleigh to Steal Your Girl, definitely don't put this on your Christmas party playlist unless you're still in college.   


All of It - Holiday Workout Playlist - A Very Decent Christmas


4. Frosty Bounce - Diplo, from A Very Decent Christmas - Mad Decent

"Crunch, Crunch…Crunch, Crunch…. What’s that on the roof? Is it a burglar or a vagrant? A vacuum salesman or a Sasquatch? Damn look, it’s Santa on his sleigh with Kraang and the faded Jeffree’s mascot tossing out Christmas dub plates for the entire land." - Mad Decent

The first of the 'Decent' Christmas albums by Mad Decent. No question the best song on this CD is 'Frosty Bounce'. A Frosty remix with a great beat. And theres 'Came to Party on the Rooftop'. All of these songs, minus "Don't Let me Spend Christmas Alone' which is a major suck-bomb. But maybe its so bad its good? Come to think of it, maybe its supposed to be terrible and thats the best part about it? 


All of It - Holiday Workout Playlist - Hark, The Harold Angel Sings

5. & 6. Hark! the Harold Angels Sing and Joy to the World from Great Joy: A Gospel Christmas by Michael McElroy and the Broadway Inspirational Voices

Hark! the Harold Angels Sing is perfect for running up big hills or holding a wall sit. It is a marching ballad and will get you through anything. SOOOO much energy and feeling in this song, enough to propel you up the side of a mountain. 

Need more help propelling up the side of a mountain? Add 'Joy to the World' to your playlist. How can so many voices all do the same run in unison?  It's definitely ok if you start doing fist pumps and hand raises during this song, it's encouraged. REPEAT THE SOUNDING JOY!!!!!! 



All of It - Holiday Workout Playlist - CeeLo


7. All I Need Is Love - CeeLo Green featuring The Muppets

You had me at 'Muppets'. Its upbeat, the muppets do some singing, you'll probably need to listen to it several times in a row. This song has been on my workout playlists too, it will definitely put you into a jolly holiday mode! 

Also notable, What Christmas Means to Me, All I Want for Christmas and You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch featuring Straight No Chaser. 


All of It - Little Drummer Boy


8. Little Drummer Boy - Tye Tribbet, from Motown Christmas

Oh hello drumline, how are you, Tye Tribbet 'woo's'. I feel like this song would be great for intervals. It gets more exciting with every turn! Please be cautious during this one, you might start drumming and if you are on a treadmill during this song, that could be dangerous.

Come on and drum with me! We drummin' for the King! This is my offering!! PUM PUM PA PUM!! 


Do you have any Christmas songs to add to this list?? What gets your heart rate going? Leave me a comment below!