Update #4 from Lainee Lou Hou's gofundme page!


Happy Sunday everyone! Lainee has been doing very well this weekend! Her appetite has been better and she has been very playful! Friday was not Lainee's best day, she had no appetite and was shaking all day. I can't tell if it was due to the Sporanox, not having omeprazole, or if it was a flare up of her pancreatitis. We are focusing on today though, today she is doing better! 

I spoke with the dermatology specialist on Friday, and they are still waiting on the results of the fungal culture. Once they find out what it is, they will have to dive in to the scientific literature and see what has worked for others in the past for treatment. That makes us a little bit nervous and from what she said about her past cases, it sounds like this will be a longer and more complicated journey than we originally thought.

Ultimately, it would be great if we can start weaning Lainee off of her other immunosuppressants. She will go in on Tuesday to get her stitches out, get her blood checked, and have her wounds looked at. Any extra prayers or positive thoughts would be much appreciated! The anticipation of these visits makes me very anxious! 

We wanted to thank everyone for their continued support! I heard a really interesting definition of grace this weekend, someone described it as 'undeserved merit'. Thats kind of what this feels like.

I wish I was more eloquent with words so I could truly describe how touched we are with this outpouring of kindness! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Chris, Corrie, Lainee Lou Hou, and Marley