1. Run another marathon
  2. Run two more half marathons
  3. Teach a cooking class (carry-over)
  4. Volunteer with Nashville Food Project, both in the garden and in the kitchen
  5. Start MomWow project. 
  6. Read at least 5 Pulitzer Prize winning books - 1) All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doer 2) The Goldfinch, by: Donna Tartt 
  7. Run a trail race 
  8. Try 10 new fitness classes  - 1) M.A.D.E. 
  9. Read 30 books (see below, I've gone way above 30 books...) 
  10. Read 5 books out of the norm-  i.e. Science Fiction, Fantasy, 
  11. Relearn how to knit (I found someone to teach me already! This is an activity slated for the Fall!)
  12. Host another Christmas Party! COMPLETE - We hosted a group of about 40 friends at our home for a Christmas get together. Holy buckets, I learned so much from the last time we hosted a party and could not wait to put all of that knowledge into motion! 
  13. Fill stairway walls with art. (Since we've completed the wall in the dining room!)
  14. Travel to two new places! COMPLETE - We will probably will only be traveling to one new spot this year, as of January 2016. We just bought a house and will likely be putting all of our resources into making it our own cozy humble abode! 
    • We are going to Boston, MA in September with a stop in New York City! ** This trip turned out to be MY MOST FAVORITE trip EVER! It was freaking awesome. I did so much research before we went. Every restaurant we ate at was sublime. We spent three days in Boston and two days in NYC. You can read about our time in Boston herehere, and here, and our time in NYC here and here
  15. Explore Tennessee! 
    • Burgess Falls - We packed a picnic, some extra water for the dogs, and drive about 1 1/2 hours out to Burgess Falls. We went on a Sunday morning, and it was PACKED. I would HIGHLY recommend going at a less busy time. The trails were packed and that made it a lot less harmonious. I am happy to see people out and active, but I also wanted some quiet time and to be able to go at our own pace. It is an absolutely beautiful experience though! 
  16. Make a recipe from one of my cookbooks bi-weekly. Ok fine, at least once month!! 
  17. Try making dumplings. 
  18. Learn how to fix leaky faucets
  19. Continue to learn how to build things and keep on the lookout for classes. 
  20. Learn how to make a wooden spoon. I'm sure there is a name for this. Maybe whittle? 
  21. Making something out of clay. This probably needs to be something small...
  22. Do 30 push-ups. Real push-ups. With my butt moderately flat. 
  23. Build a mini-greenhouse for the back area. ** We made a planter ladder thing for our back area, I couldn't find a structure that actually served a purpose, and fit in our back area. Since we just moved to a new house, I will have to see what I can find for next summer. 
  24. Make sourdough bread that actually tastes like sourdough bread. **
  25. Initiate social interactions. (I'm not 100% sure how to measure this one. I do know that this has kept me accountable and is a good reminder! I have MOST DEFINITELY stepped up my game! In fact, just this week (week of January 3rd - 9th 2016), we have had people over for dinner two nights already! 
  26. Bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to friends and neighbors!
  27. Develop healthy versions of Christmas cookie recipes. COMPLETE! 
  28. Improve pasta making skills. 
  29. Make homemade bitters or tincture ** I just threw away some fermenting cherries while we were moving. I didn't try them because it had been a while and I kind of made the recipe up myself. I did make a coffee tincture that has turned out BEAUTIFUL. I started it before Thanksgiving. I haven't tried it since we moved, but more to come on that! 
  30. Keep herbs growing during the winter. **UPDATE: We have just moved, and there is a perfect spot for my little baby herbs under some windows. Stay tuned for this project! In the mean time, I've got plenty of oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, and SO MANY beautiful calamundin oranges! 
All of It - 30 in 30 - Explore Tennessee: Burgess Falls


Read 30 Books

  1. The Goldfinch, by: Donna Tartt
  2. The Newlyweds 
  3. Case Histories, by: Kate Atkinson
  4. Big Gay Ice Cream
  5. The Girl on the Train, by: Paula Hawkins
  6. Paper Towns, by: John Green
  7. Flight Behavior, by: Barbara Kingsolver
  8. The Plantpower Way, by: Rich Roll and Julie Piatt
  9. The Chaperone, by: Laura Moriarty
  10. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by: Karen Joy Fowler
  11. A God in Ruins, by: Kate Atkinson
  12. by Blood, by: Ellen Ullman
  13. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by: Neil Gaiman 
  14. Station 11, by: Emily St. John Mandel
  15. The Nightingale, by: Kristin Hannah
  16. The Rosie Project, by: Grame Simison
  17. The Husband's Secret, by: Liane Moriarty
  18. Big Little Lies, by: Liane Moriarty
  19. The Book of Strange New Things, by: Micahel Faber
  20. Oryx & Cracke, by: Margaret Atwood
  21. A Man Called Ove, by: Fredrick Backman
  22. Girl at War, by: Sara Novic
  23. To Rise Again at a Decent Hour, by: Joshua Ferris
  24. Pretty Girls, by: Karen Slaughter
  25. The Nightmare, by: Lars Keplar
  26. Ship of Brides, by: Jojo Moyes
  27. A Darker Shade of Magic, by: VE Schawb
  28. Did You Ever Have A Family?, by: Bill Clegg
  29. Some Fairy Tale.
  30. The Library at Mount Char, by: Scott Hawkins
  31. The Magicians, by: Lev Grossman
  32. The Magician King, by: Lev Grossman
  33. The Magician's Land, by: Lev Grossman
  34. Harriet Wolf's Seventh Book of Wonders, by: Julianna Baggott
  35. The Turner House, by: Angela Flournoy
  36. The World To Come, by: Dana Horn
  37. The Girl in the Spider's Web, by: David Lagercrantz
  38. After You, by: Jojo Moyes
  39. The Museum of Extraordinary Things, by: Alice Hoffman
  40. The Heart Goes Last, by: Margaret Atwood
  41. My True Love Gave to Me, by: Stephanie Perkins
  42. Purity, by: Jonathan Franzen
  43. Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell
  44. Serafina and the Black Cloack, by: Robert Beatty
  45. Secrets of a Charmed Life, by: Susan Meissner
  46. City on Fire, by: Garth Risk Hallberg
  47. Circling the Sun, by: Paula McLaine
  48. Euphoria, by: Lily King
  49. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, by: Susanna Clarke
  50. Everything, Everything, by: Nicola Yoon
  51. Red Queen, by: Victoria Aveyard
  52. The Book of Speculation, by: Erika Swyler
  53. The Fifth Wave, by: Rick Yancey
  54. The Secret Wisdom of the Earth, by: Christopher Scotton
  55. Some Luck, by: Jane Smiley
  56. Inside the O'Briens, by: Lisa Genova
  57. Our Souls at Night, by: Kent Haruf
  58. In the Unlikely Event, by: Judy Blume
  59. Landline, by: Rainbow Rowell
  60. The Boston Girl, by: Anita Diamant