US Olympic Track Team Trials and Tour de France: Inspiration for #TrackTuesday

Today's speed session on my road to the Chicago Marathon was a tough one!

My inspiration and motivation came from watching the US Olympic Team Trials and the Tour de France.

I felt a little off and had to dig deep tonight, I thought about the journey all of these athletes have had on their way to accomplishing these giant goals. The training, hard work, and times where their lungs were on fire and legs were burning.

It helped me push through 6 X 800 m and 3 x 400 m. It inspired me to jump outside of what feels comfortable (mainly a light jog in this heat), and hit most of my splits.

I'm probably not qualifying for the Olympics anytime soon, there is major room for improvement, but I still like to think we are all pushing to be better athletes physically and mentally.

I like watching both events but really HATE when the bikers fall or the runners get disqualified for false starts. I feel sooooo bad for them!!! Stresses me out!! They work their whole lives to reach the Olympics or to ride their bikes in the mountains of France and one fall or false start can throw it all away.

What are you training for? Any new goals that you're working towards?? Where do you find inspiration and motivation??

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