A Compilation of Delectable Thanksgiving Fare!

The holiday season is upon us!! We bought a new house in January, and I have been SOOO excited to host all sorts of holiday dinners. However, this year I greet you as a less enthused Thanksgiving meal planner. This year I've had a couple of health issues and I am exhausted. There has been little to no space in my brain for trying new recipes or developing my own. I know I'm lacking energy because I don't even care, and have no pangs of guilt or 'I wish I would haves'. Very unlike me! (This is actually how we realized that it might be a bigger issue than we originally thought. Last year I was testing out recipes before Halloween!!)

Instead, I could not be more THRILLED to be headed to my husband's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. I will be bringing my Vegetarian Wild Rice Dressing with Roasted Hazelnuts, a delectable Brûléed Maple Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnap Crust, and probably a couple of smaller vegetarian items for myself since I am the only strictly veggie eater attending. And HECK. Maybe I will bring a pan of Healthier Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Bars.

Several friends have been so kind as to ask after my favorite vegetable plates (always good for both vegetarian and not) for the season, so I thought I would put together a compilation of yummy recipes! (Okay, fine maybe I will also be bringing Spinach and Chickpea Cazuela too now that I'm seeing all of these together!)

I have a favor to ask you before we part!

If you end up using any of these recipes, please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback! Leave me a comment below! Make sure you're following me on Instagram @corrielanderson, take a photo of your beautiful creations, tag me and use #itsallofit. I'd love to see it and am happy to answer any questions you might have!!

To give some perspective and also some laughs, I've collected some headlines from The Onion.

My friends, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy time with friends and family. May your day be filled with gratitude and loving others. May God bless you if your family is anything like mine, with a several full glasses of wine.