Thought Progressions on an 18 mile run...

All of It - Thought Progressions on an 18 Mile Run


My thought progression during my run today; feeling tight➡️ you can't take five miles to warm up during the marathon ➡️ panic - can't hit my paces ➡️ text P to come pick me up ➡️ I don't think I can do 26.2 miles ➡️ Stop the negativity, Debbie ➡️ remember what you teach your Girls on the Run team about positive self talk ➡️ I will do a bakery tour along the route if things get this bad during the race ➡️ you know what - maybe I'll shoot for a half marathon PR and drop out at 13.1 ➡️ I could always just do the 5K on Saturday... ➡️ I'm never training for a marathon again unless it's in the snow ➡️ I can't wait for my ice bath.

Those are just a couple of snippets of my thoughts during my run today. It was hot. I am tired. Luckily, Positive P came to meet me for my last mile, saved my life (see my story), and squirted cold water at me. And I survived. #fakesmiles #18miles #positivep