2015 - CHALLENGE: Intention, Connection, and Accountability

I don't do New Years resolutions. Mostly because by January 31st they are about as memorable as a box of standard size paperclips. 

In 2014, I played it pretty safe and was armed with a heap of excuses for just about everything. I had flashes of bravery and determination, took a few risks, went out on a limb a couple of times. 

Those risks felt good. I learned SO MUCH, even from the small ones. They gave me the courage to take more risks and to challenge myself at a higher level.

That being said, my focus for 2015 is CHALLENGE. 

There are also three other areas of my life that I've GOT to work on. To me, they seem to stem from CHALLENGE. 

Here goes nothing...

INTENTION: The best way I can put this into words is in terms of a Mission Statement and using it to guide decisions. Does this decision help me fulfill my mission? Is the way I am allocating my time contributing to a goal? Is this a wise investment of my time? 

CONNECTION: The love and support we received when Lainee was sick was incredible. My takeaway; you cannot do it alone. My go to survival skill is to keep quiet and do it by myself. Life is too hard to do that and I am my own worst barrier.  This year I hope to connect with people and to initiate more social experiences! This is going against the grain for me, so it will definitely be a challenge and a risk taking adventure! 

ACCOUNTABILITY: The first person I lie to is myself. No one but me knows if I pushed myself, put in the time, or gave it my best effort. I can have self discipline, but when I am scared of failing or showing vulnerability, sometimes I will modify goals or make justifications. I come up with the best excuses. So I'm going to do better about communicating my goals and invest in some accountability partners! 

What is your focus for 2015? How have you fulfilled it so far?