Update #5 from Lainee Lou Hou's gofundme account!

Sorry it has been so long since we posted an update! The good news is that Lainee Lou Hou has had so much more energy and with that, she is a little bit more of a handful! It feels like chasing/carrying a furry non-conversational toddler around the house most of the time. Her appetite has fluctuated quite a bit over the last two weeks and she has vomited a few times but that could be a result of many different factors!


Lainee managed to take out all of the stitches from her front paw and somehow, even with her cone on, she figured out how to extract toilet paper from the bathroom.

We will take all of this naughtiness with open arms! Increased mischief means she is feeling better and is closer to being her old welsh terrier self! Yesterday we went on our first normal walk with Lainee. It made me quite teary because I didn't know if we would ever do that again!! She was so joyful and even frolicked in the grass! We were overjoyed!! 


I heard from the dermatology specialist today, and apparently the fungal culture has still not revealed itself and has started growing something else so they have extracted a sample to grow a pure culture. 

Thanks to all of YOU and your incredible kindness, Lainee’s wound has decreased in size quite a bit, so I am actually, for once, excited to go to the vet so they can see the improvement! 

Lainee will go back to the vet tomorrow and I am hoping we can continue to decrease the number of medications she is taking! I hope to have more good news tomorrow evening! 

Thank you all for continuing to check in on us and thank you for your kindness!! We hope you like the photos as much as we do!