Update #1 from Lainee's gofundme page!

We are overwhelmed with the kindness and support we have received since Lainee Lou Hou has been sick! Our sweet friend Heather was so kind to set up this account (http://bit.ly/helplainee) on our behalf! Her welsh terrier Bear had Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia last year, and we have become very close through Lainee’s experience. 

At this point, Lainee’s autoimmune disorders are stable. Her red blood cells are fluctuating, but we believe it is because of the infections. Lainee has been diagnosed with a fungal infection and secondary bacteria infection. The infection is opportunistic, and has developed due to Lainee’s suppressed immune system. The drugs to treat the fungal infection are rare and in special form, liquid, because she is so tiny. Just one week of this medication costs $120 (on top of the costs for the other 8 medications she is on; Mycopehnelate, Cerenia, Plavix, Omeprazole, Atopica (cyclosporine), Prednisone, Carafate, Hydroxyzine). In addition to the cost of seeing the dermatology specialist, we think that treating the infections alone would be about $400 a week. We are hoping that the fungal infection will be treated in a month! 

We think, we HOPE, that this is the last obstacle to her recovery. 

Lainee beat her immune disorders Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia (immune system attacks the platelets) and Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (immune system attacks the red blood cells) after an 8 day stay in ICU starting on August 26th.

During her second stay of 6 days, she beat a severe GI ulceration, which led to a dangerous drop in red blood cells and platelets, endured another blood transfusion, and after a plasma transfusion, she is still battling pancreatitis though her liver enzymes have decreased from 1000 to 400 (normal level is 200).

We hope this is the last bump in the road and are REALLY looking forward to having our Lainee Lou Hou feel better soon! 

 Lainee Lou Hou after her second stay in ICU! 

Lainee Lou Hou after her second stay in ICU! 

We are so grateful to have your support! This has been such a humbling experience; we have learned and grown so much. We are already looking forward to ‘paying it forward’ when we get back on our feet. 


Chris, Corrie, Lainee Lou Hou, and Martleby Jones Williams Junior, Anderson-Zoom, III